Tuesday, December 13, 2016


I really enjoyed my Birthday. O.K. so I'm 80. Now what do I do? I can still write, even if nobody reads it. I can still read, even if it's not the newest thing on the New York Times list. I can still love people, even if they don't live close or come to visit. I do still go to Church, even if sometimes it kinda bland.

Being 80 is a new chance at making my mark on the world. O.K. so It's not a big important mark. But if I haven't made a big mark yet, the time's not up.

I am encouraged by George Valliant. There are still stages in life I have not explored and heights I haven't scaled. 

I'm 80 and all indications are that I might live longer yet. Have a good time and cheer up. It ain't over til it over.