Thursday, February 21, 2013

Some Things My Mother Didn't Tell Me

I think about things my mother told me a lot. Mother's have a profound effect on their children, and I am no different. But sometimes I have thoughts and ideas that feel unique and new and belong to me alone. I guess this could be called an epiphany. At least it feels like it's a sudden revelation or some new understanding of a life truth. When this happens, I want to share it with somebody, especially my mother. I want to say, "Guess what I learned, Mama."

Several years ago I studied statistics.  I learned the meaning of the standard deviation. I had been terrified of math when I was 9 clear through algebra in high school, but now I had found a real insight into the meaning of this rather advanced and technical discipline. I felt elated. I was pretty sure my children didn't want to hear about my discovery, and the teacher was not terribly impressed with my new knowledge, but if I could have shared it with my mother, she might have been thrilled for me. At least perhaps it  would have taken away the sting of the D I got in math in the fourth grade.