Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Is Such a Fun Season!

Spring is here and I have neglected my blogs; I fear the loss of the few readers I have. My daughter had surgery a couple of weeks ago on both of her feet. This has put a little more "fetch and carry" duty on me that normal. When she has surgery, she also has more pain and general need than usual, and my blogs suffer when I am distracted. Today I want to make bread for Easter. I want to try some of the exotic braided loaves with died Easter eggs nestled in the folds. 

I also hanker to write some poetry. Maybe it's the approach of spring that raises the interest in me. 

Of course, I also want to fly some kites, and view the Dogwood in bloom.

Spring has done it to me. It takes me on flights of fancy to see and do things that enrich my life, but they take time and effort and planning. It's not as easy as it once was, or maybe that's just my excuse. Wish me luck. I can make the bread and never even leave the house.