Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year--Old Habits

I read a review of the biggest stories of 2013 and found that they reflected a severe lack of progress in the area of human responsibility, ethics, or humility. It seems like the most notable progress our society is capable of centers on technology and computer skills. There were big headlines about the efficiency of drones to kill people the government considers dangerous. Of course, that technology also allows surveillance with pictures and tracking. 

The technical skills do not come with a guarantee of trial by jury. It seems that anyone with this technology can target any subject and watch, track, or eliminate the individual on a whim. Who has the right to use such a weapon?

Of course, the same question applies to a hand gun, a long range rifle, or a shotgun. We have put limits on the right of individuals to invade the privacy of others or to assault them, or to make a mortal threat against them. This technology carries a moral responsibility with it--we must not attack others without due course of the law. We sometimes claim self defense. That seems to be a justifiable cause to use deadly force, but what court or authority allows the use of this equipment against individuals? How is this enforced? 

The FAA is the body now charged with making the rules by 2015. Ah, yes, it just gets curiouser and curiouser. Apparently nobody is concerned about it yet, even though the technology is for sale now.