Friday, September 18, 2015

Black Holes

The supermassive black holes are all that rema...
The supermassive black holes are all that remains of galaxies once all protons decay, but even these giants are not immortal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I watch a lot of science TV. I enjoy the conjectures of scientists who explore the most advanced thoughts about the creation of life and where a Black Hole comes from. Of course they don't know what a Black Hole is but they know it is huge, densely magnetic and powerful. Now they assert that there is a massive black hole in the center of every galaxy which provides the power for the planets to rotate. In the process, the black hole is consuming whatever comes close and sucks it into oblivion. 
It's amazing how the scientific mind can accept this concept and use these words as if they were real when there is nothing to substantiate them but a theory. They produce pictures of galaxies millions of light years away and propose that planets could have life. No data supports the theory but a picture of a speck of light on a film, but the scientists assure us that the odds are we are not alone in the universe. It's interesting to listen to the narration of the story. The pictures are arresting until I remember that the pictures are mostly artists renderings because they don't have cameras capable of making such find detail.
Don't assume that science is all lies and shadows, but when the dialogue is full of "might have" or "could have" I begin to question what did or didn't happen that we are passing off as real and genuine. Don't misunderstand. I still watch "How the Universe Works," but lately I've noticed sudden bursts of unacceptable references in the narration. The excited physicist says "Oh God, the power of it." When he gets to the end of his explanation there is God still doing his thing. All the theories and explanations cannot produce one real live thing or even explain how it was done. Science can chart the steps and analyze the chemicals, but it can
Simulated gravitational lensing (black hole go...
Simulated gravitational lensing (black hole going past a background galaxy). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
not make it breathe or love or reproduce. Funny how God comes back into our equations.