Saturday, August 16, 2014

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Living in the Valley is different. The most prominent thing that bothers me about it is the loss of seasons. I love changing seasons. and my favorite one is fall. In the middle of August it's time to look forward to Autumn leaves and Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Even in the Valley we'll still have the holidays, but the first cool morning with a brisk wind is lost on us here.

East Texas is not noted for icy roads or snow storms. We have them sometimes for short period, but that's not what I miss. In August the trees take on a weary look. The full glory of summer has started to fade, but it's just the tired sagging of limbs weary from the summer production: there's no color yet, just tired green. Some years the color change begins early in September, sometimes it takes longer. Fall may come gradually at first, but one day I see the trees take on the golden glow of Autumn. The woods have ripples of red and yellow and orange steadied by the stalwart pines standing tall and benevolent against the rush of color. 

Sometimes the best way to absorb the glory of Autumn is driving through the rolling hills to see the land spread out before you like a canvas, but sometimes it's better to walk in the pasture and climb the hill from the creek and inhale the air of Autumn. Autumn smells different, too. A whiff of wood smoke from a barbecue or someone burning a stump recalls other traditions of Autumn. 

And then there's always football. 

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