Saturday, October 24, 2015

Walk in the Rain

The Rain People
The Rain People (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
We now have the reports of Hurricane Patricia and the resultant rain. I love it! TV reception is poor and continues to be interrupted by the dense cloud cover. I love the splatter and dripping from the roof and trees. It's Autumn and this is Awesome. I love the atmosphere when there is rain and clouds, dripping and puddles. I'll read Robert Frost's "My November Guest" this evening and share his appreciation of the day. I'm sure some people are almost overwhelmed by it, but I'll take them on - one at a time or en mass.

This is a day to prepare for what comes next. Rain prepares the earth for a new crop. Rain insures new growth, and flowers, and harvest. It's not time yet, but it won't come without the rain first. It might take a year, but some time to consider is included in the wait.
While we wait, we plan what to plant. We envision the layout of a garden, or orchard, or project. While we wait, we build our strength to do the work, chose our tools, buy our seed. There is a lot to do during the rainy season.

I walked over to pick up the mail in the rain. Walking in it gives a new perspective on rain. The jacket shed most of the water, but my back still felt the chill of it, and my hair dripped, and my glasses are smeared with drops. Frost was right: "My sorrow when she's here with me thinks these dark days of autumn rain are beautiful as days can be." We won't have the frosty chill of winter here in the Valley. We'll be lucky to have a day or two of chilly wind and a report of snow in Minnesota. But we got rain. Thank you, Lord, for rain.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Vanity or Insight?

Very Meaningful
Very Meaningful (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Are all bloggers as vain and self centered as I am? When I think about it, I am truly embarrassed. I do so want to say something meaningful to the readers. I want to be insightful and clear-headed, but most of all, I want more readers. I do try to please a lot of people and appeal to many different tastes: I write a lot of blogs. They could probably all be one blog. It's all just what I think about a variety of subjects. Maybe I should condense it all into one blog. Dump it all in here and just make one post. Might be better.  Might even be more fun.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Response to "Reluctance"

English: Autumn leaves near Turkey Farm
English: Autumn leaves near Turkey Farm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Maple and Sweet gum trees have begun to turn 
 summer is ended.
Autumn slides in on a cool breeze
hints of orange and red shine through the trees
love of fall is a yearly affliction
my soul is infected 

I am trying to learn to write unrhymed poetry, and it's not easy. I started this one as a response to Robert Frost's "Reluctance." When I reread the above lines I found an accidental rhyme. Shame on me. Unrhymed means it doesn't rhyme on purpose or otherwise. I sought to bring the same kind of insight and meaning to the thought of autumn that Frost did, but I seem not to have made it.

Maybe if I stay with the rhymes it will work better. Poetry is a cruel mistress.