Thursday, December 19, 2013

Finding The Meaning of Christmass

I have come to really enjoy memories. When I reclaim a special thought or event, the original experience blesses me again, and I enjoy it all over again.The older I get and the more memories I claim, the more important they become. especially at Christmas.

It's still two weeks till Christmas, but I'm getting nostalgic already. So many traditions are based on the music which has been playing since before Thanksgiving. Lots of the memories are related to shopping, and food, and and visiting.

It's funny to reach back into my memory for an incident and get the wrong one. In my childhood, I remember my mother and father and my mother's family at Christmastime, but Christmas with my children does not include extended family very much. Sometimes We went to Frank's sister's home in San Angelo. They didn't have any children, and Mitt loved to have us come, but  I didn't like to have to pack all the gifts and and try to keep them wrapped. It was worse than tedious to transport Christmas and 4 or 5 kids 300 miles.
We did the Santa Claus thing at home before we went.

This year I am making new memories. I am not sending gifts, just money to those who are far away. I'll spend Christmas Day with Becky and her family. That will be lovely and wonderful I think. I am looking forward to it. 

I hope I can remember this as the year I reconnected with Christmas of love and joy and promise without the gifts or tinsel.