Monday, January 10, 2011

Is it Kite Season Yet?

Most people think March is kite season.  Well, it is, but don't waste this time in January and February.  There are a lot of clear days between now and March to test and practice.  If you are making your kites it's time to start.  If you are buying them, it's time to think about the new ones you haven't tried yet.

I like to make little folded paper kites that are cheap.  I get copy paper in bright colors and use flagging tape for tails.  Crepe paper streamers work well too, but you must be sure there is no moisture on the grass because any water, even just drops, will make the colors run.  Plastic flagging tape holds up very well.  Instructions to make a Mini Delta Kite can be found on my HubPages site.  It is a simple little kite that uses two sheets of paper and some shisk-ka-bob skewers to make the wings and the flagging tape for the tail.  You can ususally find the tape in hardware stores or places that have hunting gear.

Homemade paper kites usually don't have a life expectency of more than one season and maybe only one day if it gets in a fight with a tree.  Trees eat kites. 

I must warn you that kite flying is mildly addicting.  There are some truly attractive qualities about it.  When you take your little homemade gem out to test it, you may find that, inspite of the simplicity, it is truly a magnificent creation.  The first time it grabs the wind and darts away you may find your heart flying heavenward too.

Kite Fever is in the Air!!! 

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