Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Memory of Mystery and Surprise

When I was little, my mother's brother was a frequent visitor to our home.  He was gregarious and talkative and enjoyed games and tricks.  Occasionally, I became an unwitting part of his trickery.  

Daddy sometimes had meetings in the evenings, and Mama and I were left to our own devices for entertainment.  She always loved to read so it wasn't such a problem for her to entertain herself for an hour or so.  I was less easily satisfied, but I was an obedient child, and I was satisfied with coloring for a while.

On this particular evening Mama was sitting in her chair reading and I was engaged with the coloring book when we heard footsteps come in the front door through the living room to the bedroom.  I looked up and there was my Uncle Jimmie with his finger to his lips in a hushed and secret posture.  I sat back down obediently with my colors.  He sat down in a chair near me and continued to indicate silence.  I waited impatiently, tensely, and Mama continued to read.

Presently, we heard footsteps enter the front door, cross the living room, and enter the bedroom again.  Mama looked up to see Daddy enter.  Her face revealed fear, then horror.  If this was Daddy, who was the other one?  She scanned the bedroom quickly to find a slyly grinning Jimmie seated calmly in the corner.

She didn't know whether to be angry or relieved, but she was accustomed to his tricks, and she loved him as an adoring sister.  After her heart recovered it normal rhythm, she laughed with him, but I'm not sure she thought it was really that funny. 


King of New York Hacks said...

Ha! Those are the kind of memories I cherish the most..great story, thanks Gayle. :-)

Gayle Haynes said...

Thank you, Edward, or pardon me, King Edward.

YONKS said...

Oh dear, I'm not too sure that would be an acceptable joke these days! How times have changed and in lots of ways we have lost our innocence. Glad to have found you via Unikorna.