Saturday, July 21, 2012

Keeping Up

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My mother was insistent that I speak correctly and write well. She died before I learned to type, but I am sure she would expect me to be accurate and know the style guide by heart. I assume she would also expect me to keep up with changes and acknowledge changes in conventions as they occur. In recognition of her influence on my education, I am, today, proclaiming a new standard in my writing. I will no longer put 2 spaces after a period. 

  writing in Slate gave a long and convincing argument to free us from those pesky extra spaces. I'm sorry I haven't known about this all these years. I could have saved myself untold hours at the keyboard. Since I learned to type many years ago and have continued all the habits I acquired then to this very day, it may take me a while to convert to the new system.  I have reviewed this page for every period and removed all the extra spaces I found.

I wish all the things I need to change in my lifestyle and habits were as easy to accomplish as the "two-spaces after a period" one is.
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