Saturday, May 17, 2014

New Computer

I'm going to buy a new computer today. Mine is in trouble, and the folks that know about these things assure me that I can't put Windows 8 on it because it's not big enough or it doesn't have enough bytes--kilo, or mega, or some kind, I'm not sure which. Anyway this one is old and has errors and I hope I'm doing the right thing. I don't really want to understand it, I just want it to work.

If I can get a computer that does what I tell it to, I'll be able to make out here at "the home." That sounds like a pretty sterile environment--interacting with a computer for fun. It seems like the thing that would fill your life ought to be something live--friends, companions, at least a pet. I like some of the people I know, but they don't do the things I like. I do have a few that will read the Bible with me, and there are a few that, sometimes, will read poetry with me. But to really get involved the computer is better than the people. That is really sad, I think. Maybe I'm expecting too much. 

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