Friday, June 6, 2014

A Few Words on Boredom

This is a waste of time
This is a waste of time (Photo credit: Yung Tsai)
Sometimes I get bored. I find that not very many people really want to converse. I get bored easily with prattle. I want to share ideas and explore new concepts, but a great many people just want to tell you what they've told you before. One lady here at "the home" has one story of her family and having heard it several times, I'm not interested in hearing it again. I don't blame her for my boredom. She is dealing with some variation of Alzheimer's Disease or senility and the story loses it pzazz when repeated. I'm pretty sure my stories are just as boring to others as hers are to me.

One of my fears is that I'll become like this lady. I seek new interests to help me postpone this decline into perpetual boredom. I assume that if you have only one story, you will become boring to yourself.  I hear people say that keeping the mind active with new information and learning new skills is a defense against Alzheimer's Disease. I'm not sure it's true, but it may be the best chance you have to conceal the problem. At this point you may just want to keep track of the stories so nobody can detect that you don't remember which ones you've told. 
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