Thursday, October 23, 2014

Who Are My Readers?

About once a week I get curious and check to see where the readers of my blog come from. I am amazed when I find that a great many of my readers often come from Russia, the Ukraine, Kenya, France, or the UK. I can't imagine that I say anything that is particularly interesting to people who are not close neighbors. I feel very humble to have drawn readers from this wide world who seem to come around when I post a new entry.

I don't have a sports focus that basketball or soccer players would find enlightening. I don't do much with food or politics or health or really anything that would draw a crowd, but it is really exciting to find that, in spite of my mundane subjects, I still have readers from China or India or New Zealand. 

I find it especially exciting many of these readers have to get a translation of the text, and still they read my ramblings. Maybe the things that draw us together are more important than the things that separate us. 

Bottom line: I love my readers. I appreciate all the people who take time and make the effort to read my blogs. I would love to know what you think and how I could make this a better experience for you. I want to expand my horizons. Thanks for reading.

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