Saturday, October 17, 2015

Response to "Reluctance"

English: Autumn leaves near Turkey Farm
English: Autumn leaves near Turkey Farm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Maple and Sweet gum trees have begun to turn 
 summer is ended.
Autumn slides in on a cool breeze
hints of orange and red shine through the trees
love of fall is a yearly affliction
my soul is infected 

I am trying to learn to write unrhymed poetry, and it's not easy. I started this one as a response to Robert Frost's "Reluctance." When I reread the above lines I found an accidental rhyme. Shame on me. Unrhymed means it doesn't rhyme on purpose or otherwise. I sought to bring the same kind of insight and meaning to the thought of autumn that Frost did, but I seem not to have made it.

Maybe if I stay with the rhymes it will work better. Poetry is a cruel mistress. 

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