Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The World I Live in

I have a large map hanging on the wall of my office.  There are many countries defined on the map that I never heard of.  In the history books I love, there are many civilizations I never knew anything about.  Even in my own country there are cities and wonders I can't even imagine.

Fifty years ago seeing and learning about these places and events would have been difficult, but with a computer at my disposal, nothing is out of reach.  And yet here I sit and there they are and never the twain have met.  I could make some trial explorations into these places and find the mysteries they contain. 

OK between my Bible study which meets on Monday night with homework every day, and choir practice and work with the Church Youth group on Wednesday to write and assemble the Advent Devotionals, and going to Carol's once or twice a week to do whatever I can for her, and writing all I can about all I can, I will begin a systematic study of countries and cultures.  Oh, I forgot I have to save time to study Hebrew. 

It sounds like I'm not going to make it doesn't it?  The problem is that I am old and I need to get this started soon or I wan't get it finished before you know what.  Oh, yeah, I have some more genealogical work to do too.  Maybe I need to work faster or delay the you know what.

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