Friday, March 4, 2011

I Guess It's Time to Begin a New Blog

My mother taught me to aspire to bigger and better things, so I guess it's time to begin a new blog.  My daughter Carol is going to move in with me.  Carol used to be a cook, baker, and waitress in a little country cafe.  Her Rheumatoid Arthritis got so bad she had to quit work.  She worked with me and her sisters and, sometimes her father and brother, in our little catering business after that.  She had the most experience of any of us in the matter of preparing food for people.  She was the meat expert.  Mr. Sharp, the cafe owner, had mentored her in that skill.

By the time we closed the shop, her hands had deteriorated so much she could no longer hold a knife to cut steaks.  It's funny that the brain doesn't necessarily record the same limitations that the rest of the body knows very well.  Carol can no longer do any of the cooking she was so good at in those days, but her brain still wants to try.  She still wants to plan and organize things, so that gave me the idea: Since we are going to live together, we will write a blog.  I can do the typing, and she will tell me what to say about the food.

I guess we'd have to include recipes and preparation methods, new ways to make old favorites, and a few dishes that were a product of serendipity.  Since she watches a lot of cooking shows, we might include a few reviews of techinques from the big-time pros, too.

I guess one goal I have in writing this new blog is to give her something to think about and focus on.  She is in pain a lot, but she is able to reduce the impact of it on her attitude if she can think productively.  I think this may be really fun.

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