Thursday, June 23, 2011

Give Joy to Others

My mother believed in giving joy to others.  She liked to visit people and share with them.  I loved her hot rolls, and she knew they were really special to me.  When she made them, she always sent a pan or rolls to my my father's cousin who lived two houses away.  I got to take them to her house.  I guess it taught me how much fun it is to give other people joy.

I knocked on the door and waited in excited anticipation for it to open.  She was glad to see me, but then she saw the pan of white balls of dough, and her smile was enhanced with another level of joy.

I still like to make bread like my mother did.  I often give a loaf of bread to a neighbor or friend.  That same joy still registers in their smile, but it blesses me as the giver.

Today I will read to the children at the library for the summer reading program.  I anticipate the same joy in giving them a new experience.  I hope to see their faces light up with new thoughts and ideas.  I will also share with them some kite designs and poems.  I think I will receive more than I give.  I want to be altruistic and bring them joy, but I know from experience that this giving of joy to others is really very fulfilling for the giver.

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Hannah said...

Isn't it a mystery how giving helps you receive so much? My life right now is all about my babies. There is so much to do and so much to give, but I find that even when I go a little extra and show love in a special way, they love me back even more than before, too. God is so good to think these things up!