Monday, June 20, 2011

My Mother Taught Me Beauty

passion flower, first thursdayImage by brx0 via FlickrI see beauty in fields and trees and flowers.  My mother taught me to see beauty where ever I happened to be.  Yesterday I discovered that I have a beautiful flower on my fence.  I didn't know what kind of vine it was.  It has large dark green leaves, and it climbs the fence.  Yesterday I finally saw the intricate and delicate blossom of the Passion flower.  I can't believe I just thought it was some nameless green vine.

Earlier I had removed all of last year's growth, but I didn't know what it produced.  Now I have a whole new appreciation of my back yard.  I just moved to this house in April.  This discovery spurs me to regard my yard with admiration.  I may even try to enjoy it more.  I would really like to focus on the lovely purple blooms.  I don't think they do well when picked, so it will be admiration on the fence, but maybe I can sit in the yard in the cool of late afternoon and enjoy the aroma and appearance of nature in my own space.  I think my mother would approve.

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Hannah said...

Gardening is one of my most precious joys...not that I'm great at it. It's a learning process, like anything else, I'm finding!