Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Am Thankful for People

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Visiting with my children has become one of the supreme joys of my life.  I like to see these people I raised and loved when they were little who have now become capable and successful adults. 

One of the most challenging parts of this endeavor is to get to know this adult child I have known since before he or she was born.  It was a terrible shock to me the first time I learned my child was not an extension of me.  Now I have come to be thankful for that phenomena.  In addition to finding that they are individuals with thoughts and emotions that may be significantly different from mine, they have also changed and matured over the years.  Periodically, I find new vistas in their personalities that I had not seen before blessing me in my daily contacts

This was a truly wonderful Thanksgiving.  In addition to enjoying my daughter, I got to share thoughts and opinions with my son-in-law and their two lovely children. 

This has reminded me that the most wonderful blessing God has given me is people.  As I have said before, many of these people are my children.  I have learned from them and grown through my interactions with them.  But there are other people in this life who have been part of that blessing, too.  Some of them are blessing me in my daily contacts with them, and some are blessing me in the memories I have of them.

Holidays are wonderful times to remember the blessings of all those people who have blessed my life.  I hope for you, memories of wonderful people, too.  This is a good time to make new memories and add people to your list of blessings. 


Hannah said...

I think people, especially family, are so important to celebrate during the holidays. How often people are overlooked during the busy planning of perfect holidays! I think it's so sad that we're so busy we barely have time for each other at this time of year!

Gayle said...

Thanks for reading, Hannah. My best to your family during this special season. May Gow bless you every day.