Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mothers Still Have Hope

I visited with my son yesterday.  I guess it was good.  On some level it was painful and humiliating.  I'll explain.  He is in prison.  That is difficult no matter how positive the reason for my visit.  The grounds are manicured.  The chain-link fences are immaculate.  The inmates are courteous.  The officers are curt and business-like.

I was there to witness his graduation from a 6-month faith based program that focused on life skills.   He relished the good news that he had been accepted into a Christian halfway house upon release.

He reminded me that his birthday is next week.  He will be 52.  No, this is not some juvenile misstep.  This has been a lifelong pattern of behavior.  He enjoys the benefits he accumulates while pushing the boundaries of society.  His defense is consistent--I never hurt anybody.  He always repents and acts penitent, but somehow the message has never gotten to the control center of his being.  I pray that this time it has.  I always pray for that.

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