Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Political Scandal Next Door

I have posted some comments on the sad decline of human morals based on the political scandals in the US.  I did a little research and found that countries all over the world are subject to the same kind of behavior that I have seen in the States.  This crime against righteousness and conscience is not limited or confined.  It is worldwide!  

Guess what?  It accompanies all human endeavors.  Selfishness is a global problem.  Men and women of all nationalities and races and beliefs fall to the temptation of money and power and sex.  And we also seem to universally condemn the flaw in the character of those who seek high office when they succumb.

One of the big stories in the US at the present is the trial of John Edwards because of funds contributed to him that were used for his mistress's expenses.  There is a great deal more to this sordid affair if you want to research it.

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi paid Karima el-Mahroug a night club dancer who performs under the name Ruby Heart-stealer for sex.  According to the charges she was underage when the relationship began.

Russia--The State Duma is the lower house of the Russian Parliament.  It was accused of being a rubber stamp for Dimitry Medvedev's initiatives.  In May of 2010 a new law against drunk driving passed by a vote of 440 out of 450.  The problem arose when it was revealed that only 88 deputies showed up for work that day.  There was a video of people running from desk to desk to press the "Yes" button.

Silvio Berlusconi , the Prime Minister of Italy, a former cruise ship lounge singer, and no stranger to the legal system, was charged many times with fraud, bribery, and corruption, but those allegations were overshadowed by his sex scandals.  Patrizia D'Addario claimed that Berlusconi had been her client on three occasions.  He was also linked with Noemi Letizia who was a minor at the time.

John Major was the British Prime Minister when it was discovered that British Ministry of Defense employees had coached the Saddam Hussein regime on how to get export licenses to transport weapons components made by Matrix Churchill to Iraq. Findings of the investigation damaged the Conservative Party and Major lost the election.

Valentin Kovalev, the Russian Minister of Justice was forced to step down when videos of him cavorting with women in a night club bathhouse surfaced. The films substantiated rumors of his links to one of Russia's organized crime rings.

Chin Shui-bian was elected president of Taiwan in 2000.  It was his son-in-law who first brought scandal to his office, but by the time all was said and done, his son, his daughter-in-law and his wife all were included.  He and his family members were first assessed a life sentence for embezzlement and insider trading, but it was commuted to 20 years.

Iris Robinson was a member of the Northern Ireland Parliament and her husband Peter Robinson was the leader of the government.  Mrs. Robinson had an extramarital affair with a 19 year old for whom she secured government funds of $80,000 for him to open a restaurant.  Her husband's career was damaged in the fallout over this event and hers was ended.

Am I just being judgmental?  Pointing fingers at those in power?Do we hold them to a higher standard?  I guess I believe we all should stand firm on that higher standard.  To make a better nation or a better world, we need to live up to our claims of honesty and righteousness.  It's not just the poor and down-trodden that should be honest and forthright.  It's everybody.

If you want to review the slides and get more information about these and other scandals, click here.

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