Monday, October 21, 2013

New Take on Truth

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Truth is an awkward word. When I was a child in school, the teachers and books did not intentionally teach me things that weren't true, but they assured me that humans would never be able to escape earth and live. Now we see people leave earth to visit the space station all the time. Several people have orbited the moon and walked on it. Many things I always thought were true have proven not to live up to their reputation. Science makes liars of us all.

Now I want to find things that are true regardless of science or situations or personal agendas. Truths that supersedes human emotions and situational ethics are foundations to build my life on. My thoughts want me to make decisions based on the standards the world uses--money, intelligence, or maybe comfort.  Sometimes it's glory. These are all subjective and depend on the value I put on them. They are not something I can build on, but they are cultural and societal markers. Seeking truth is harder than it looks.  

In the soul where humans communicate with God alone, only God's truth is valued. There truth is not subject to human emotions or societal pressure, but the mind or intelligence or human desire is still the decision maker, and it still has the influences to lead the soul in making  choices. The struggle is to make God's truth the decider in choices. Even when the soul believes, the mind can argue for the decision that fits the desire of the will, the emotions, or the checkbook.

God's truth is available. Look to it when you need to make a decisions.
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