Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Today Is One of Those Days

There are days destined to be lonely, days set aside for sadness. I don't have to moan about it to others, but sometimes being sad and lonely is necessary. 

Today is my day to dwell on these topics.  Maybe this kind of depression is a good thing. It's not debilitating  and I know how to cure it. It's just something I have to endure for a while. After I vent and sort out what I'm distressed about, life will return to normal.

Sometimes, all this venting needs someone to listen and speak soothing words, but mostly just organizing it into categories is enough. Then I have to take some action. Do something. Get up. Go walking. Visit somebody. Write a letter. Clean out a closet. Do something! Anything will do. Just do it   Take some action. Action breaks up the log jam and life gets real again. I can quit dwelling in the land of Melancholy. It may take a little while for the emotions to recover, but once I do something, I know it's over or at least I know it soon will be.

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