Sunday, July 26, 2015

So I'm Lonely--What Did I Expect?

I have neglected my blogs. Of course I don't have a large audience of readers, so there is very little incentive to write, but still it is my obligation. The reason I have not been faithful to the task rests in the disruptive nature of my current life. Two years ago I moved to the Rio Grande Valley because one of my daughters asked me to. I thought the idea had merit. I lived for a year in a retirement community that provided meals and transportation to Walmart and the grocery store and some medical trips, doctors, dentists, physical therapists, etc., but I found the boredom extreme. I often didn't like the menus, and I was less than impressed with the activities the administrators were so proud of.

I decided the solution to my problem lay in moving out of the home. I did. I moved to an apartment complex that provides no amenities. We do have access to a pool. Of course I get daily mail delivery and the office is handy for questions and maintenance. Accommodations are more isolated. I have no acquaintances but the ones I see at Church on Sunday and Thursday night Bible study.

Sometimes I do get lonely. My solution to that problem rests on the computer. I have renewed my interest in genealogy. I call it "visiting with dead relatives,." and believe it or not, it is very satisfying. Of course I do miss the people I left in East Texas--my children and friends, the places I used to go. Now I no longer drive. My daughter who has a talent for stating the obvious assures me I shouldn't be driving. I miss being able to go the store for paper plates or socks or a burger on a whim.

Renewing my commitment to this blog and improving it with fresh topics and better composition is my response to boredom and loneliness. I'd really like to get new readers and responses. I welcome suggestions to fill the empty hours and human contact to animate them with conversation.

O. K. Guys the balls in your court. Let me know you're out there. I'm lonely! 

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