Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New Reason to Write

Periodically I get a new grip on the rope and try again. I'm trying to become more disciplined about writing again. Not just the blogs, but opinion and commentary and maybe even a story. I've done it before. Right now I'm also researching family history, and I'm really interested in narrating the story of my family and how they addressed the world they were dealing with.

Some of them served in the Revolutionary Army and some in the Civil War. Those are two subjects of lasting interest and I am excited about what I'll find in their stories.

Maybe I'll find out more about them than I want to know. I have one ancestor that was something of a scoundrel. I would guess that most of us have a few of the less noble and high-minded individuals in their history. There is an old saying " You should be cautious about exploring your family tree because you might find someone hanging on a limb." One of my ancestors was married to about four women without any evidence of a legal divorce. I remember family members referring to him with a definite attitude of derision.

Oh well that might make a very interesting story.

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