Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Children in Church

Most of the time, I think of Church as an adult activity. It requires concentration, observance of certain conventions, understanding of rituals, and a great deal of metaphoric interpretation.

On the other hand, many families attend together with even the youngest members in attendance. One philosophy maintains children should be introduced as infants and should be guided to practice the rituals and observances early and receive adequate instruction to make it understood.

To gain better attendance  from adults, most people believe in the early introduction philosophy. We love to see them all dressed up for Church with their joyous, smiling faces, and their sweet voices. Sometime their is a down side to all the commotion that attends children in Church. Adults may not be interested in the energetic activity especially when they are meditating or praying or concentrating on a difficult Biblical passage or theological concept.

Indeed, many older adults may view the cacophony as disruptive to the service and disrespectful to God and the purpose of the gathering. 

Of course I find myself in that group that comes from an older and more restrained practice. I imagine that those who value order and 
discipline view running children as unacceptable in Church. Most of the conversations I hear, settle the argument in favor of tolerance of the status quo, but they may be losing potential members who aren't so broad minded on the subject.

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