Sunday, June 27, 2010

What would my mother say about the strippers?

I read about the strippers that want to sue BP because their income was reduced by the oil spill. I wonder if we could sue the strippers for their contributions to the decline of the morals in the United States? Can the woman whose husband was unfaithful sue the prostitute for alienation of affection?

One of the bloggers who responded to the story equated, them with single mothers, and he felt we should support them. I suppose he thinks it is a moral obligation to support all the shady and disruptable businesses affected by the oil spill. I can't assume that all strippers are single or mothers, and I don't think all single mothers think taking off their clothes in public to an appropriate job for a parent. It is funny that people who are old enough to have sex don't know the consequence of that act. We must be doing a worse job on sex education than I thought. Our society wants everyone to have the option to have sex; indeed, society says we have the right to have sex. Even knowing that sex is the main cause of pregnancy, we don't tell anyone not to do it. We don't seem to want to restrict anyone's freedom. The children that are born to the "free" people are the losers. The original design would provide two parents for a child, but the actuality may not even provide one. A working mother may leave the child to day care or a baby sitter.
I am afraid this blog entry has rambled and tried to cover too many issues. That's really bad, but on the other hand, it is my blog and I can ramble if I want to.

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