Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Have Friends I Don't Even Know

It's really funny how blogging works.  I'm getting to know and have fun with people I don't even know.  Bag Lady is in England, and she reads my blog and I read hers.  It's funny how easy it is to read her blog and visualize her life.  I identify with her.  She said she was learning to blog, but I think she is very good, better than me, anyway.

I read King of the New York Hacks and laugh at his antics and view his pictures of New York.  Gee, it was fun to visit New York without even having to buy a plane ticket.

I read Aprons in the Kitchen.  This one really isn't fair, because I do know her.  On the other hand, I have never seen her house, and I learn things about her every time read an entry--about the things she values and the people she loves and the hopes she cherishes.

My mother didn't tell me about blogging, but she knew a lot about being a friend.  I am so happy to have become friends with these nice people.  I forgot about 52 Weeks of Wordage.  She offers me opportunities to refine my writing--mostly, I don't refine it--I just do it.  But I really appreciated her attention to how we put things on paper--or on the blog, as the case may be.

I don't have time to read very many blogs, but once in a while I drop in on a stranger, check out their desk, see if they have time for a glass of tea, share a recipe.  Maybe I'll find a new friend.  It might be you.

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