Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Mother Told Me to Say "Thank You"

Not very many people read my blogs.  I have another one that is called "Does the Bible Really Say That?"  I was very excited when I got a few readers.  Hey, people I don't even know are reading my blog!  What better high is there than that?  Readers are wonderful!

Then I found a link that told me where the readers lived.  I couldn't believe it.  People in many different countries were reading my stuff.  Now, that's a high I couldn't imagine.  Maybe they were translating it.  Maybe they were just studying English.  I wondered if they understood my references and enjoyed my analogies.  Writing is so much fun I forgot to thank the readers.  So here it is.

Thank you readers, for reading my blogs.  I think some of you have read it more than once.  That is really the most exciting think I can imagine--people who read it once and come back again must have found something meaningful or funny or insightful.  At least that's the way it feels to me.  If you are from India or South Korea or Romania or Russia, or if you are from the U. S. or even right here in Texas, I appreciate you reading and returning for another visit.

My mother would want me to make you feel welcome and offer you a glass of iced tea.  Thanks again for reading and coming back.


Baglady said...

Do you track the references to see how people find you? I think it's fascinating to see what google searches bring up your blog or who has linked to you.

Gayle said...

Oh, Baglady, thank you for letting me know you saw the thank you note. Yes, I find it facinating. I can talk to people who might not even understand English. It is wonderful!!!