Friday, April 29, 2011

My Mother Said Not to Brag

Young ladies were not supposed to brag or be obnoxious about their accomplishments so I find it difficult to promote my blog and writings on the net.  On the net you have to promote and brag and sometimes even be obnoxious about it to get readers.  What has changed?

Maybe it is the trend of the socially accepted norm that has shifted.  Women are real people in this day and time--no longer satisfied to be over-shadowed by husbands or remain quietly at home doing laundry.  I always thought that was somewhat overstated.  Women were never that deferring to husband and fathers.  It was mostly the husbands and fathers that thought so.

Women have made dramatic and imposing contributions to our society and knowledge base.  Even during times when women were supposed to be laboring over the wash tub, their accomplishments shone through.  The fact is when the product is of good quality consumers or readers or buyers don't care where it came from.  If a woman wrote it or created it, that's O.K. All the public wants is the product.  But in the world of writers we want the credit.  It is highly reinforcing to have your stuff read and commented on.  It also tends to give you a swelled head.  I guess that's what my mother found unattractive, and I agree with her.

So where is the cut off?  If you enjoy it writing, do it.  If people tell you it's good, thank them.  It they identify with what you write, you get to share their experience.  If you think you are the only one who can write, you have become obnoxious. 

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Hannah said...

I had this same dilemma with blogging recently. I enjoy blogging my strange little 'magazine' and I know there are others who would enjoy it, too, but I don't want to become completely obsessed with recognition. I guess it just comes down to the real reasons we do what we do. Is it good, pure, lovely? For me, I needed a creative outlet to express my personality a little. It is really helpful when your primary job is laundry, dishes, and diapers!