Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Three Moves Equals a Fire

Boy, it's true.  When you move, you throw away a lot of stuff.  Stuff you had forgotten you had, and stuff you wish you had found, and lots of just junk stuff.  But I am moved now.  I am taking off on a new track.  I had three years of living alone, and I loved it.  Now I will be living with my daughter and my granddaughter.  Changes are good.  I don't necessarily like the things that change, but I am convinced that I am made better by adapting and learning.
Carol is my invalid daughter.  Living with her implies that I will be serving her needs.  God thinks I need this discipline.  I am basically a selfish person.  I want what I want.  It will be good for me.  I may come here to complain sometimes though. 

Sarah is in college.  She is studying Criminal Justice.  I find that an oxymoron, but it is a growth industry.  She may find a very lucrative job--well, maybe not very lucrative, but at least plentiful job opportunities.

Sarah has the loft.  Climbing stairs will be good for her.  I will do it as little as possible.  She makes hesitant ventures into the idea of weight control periodically.  I would very much like to help her achieve her goals.  Climbing stairs is my contribution.

Carol will enjoy my TV.  She loves the food shows, and her cable has a very limited choice, but my DISH Network has many of them.  Some things will be good.  I may spend a lot more time on the computer.  I like to be alone.  Come by to visit.  See how I'm doing.
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