Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Mother Said to Say Thanks

My mother always told me to be polite and tell people, "Thank you."  Sometimes "thank you" is not adequate or appropriate.  Sometimes I am thankful for things I didn't ask for and feel surpremely blessed by random events.


By Gayle Haynes

The crippled girl in her power chair

Joined the rushing, busy crowd.

I watched the people in the square.

The sound of sirens and horns was loud.

She joined the shoppers in their quests,

And workers: a chef, a banker and a nurse.

She tried not to block the walk, she did her best,

But then it happened: she dropped her purse.

Someone help her! I wanted to shout.

No one did and walked around to hurry on.

They all had business to be about.

Stretching over, her face revealed a silent moan.

I helped her gnarled fingers grasp the prize

Her face released the grinding frown,

And then she took me by surprise,

For joy broke forth when I looked down.

Relief, then comfort, and her face glowed.

Her thanks required no voice or word.

Better thanked by such a smile as she bestowed,

And I walked on, but vision blurred.

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