Monday, July 25, 2011

100 Words: Inspiration

I bought new curtains for the computer room to block the afternoon sunlight.  The room gets hot and I don't like the light in my eyes.  They are a woven textile pattern of shades of brown and hang without any style or shape from a plain rod.

I hate them.  They do what I wanted them to, but they confront me with a uninspiring stretch of space.  Shouldn't a writer have  exciting surroundings?  Maybe not.  Maybe my memories or my imagination are the ingredients I need to draw on.  Who would have thought that ugly curtains were the key to inspiration?

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Hannah said...

Guess that's what makes you a writer. Non-writers would have thought to themselves, "That's ugly," and never felt the need to post about it!

I appreciate this...I have all types of strange sources of inspiration, as you can probably tell from my blogs!