Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Prayer Blesses Those Who Pray

"Praying Hands" (study for an Apostl...Image via WikipediaCarolyn Bradley and Carolyn Hendrix are friends who have been a part of my prayer life for more than year.  Carolyn H. and I went to Carolyn B. home for our weekly prayer time because Carolyn B.'s husband was incapacitated with injuries from a car wreck.  Jerry had lived with the consequences of the wreck for a over a year, and he still could not stand or walk. 

After a few weeks we asked Jerry if we could pray for him.  He seemed to enjoy our presence and after a week or two of listening to our prayers, he began to pray too.  One day we asked the preacher to meet with us and serve communion.  Jerry was very pleased to share in this service.

Our schedule changed and we began to hold our prayer time at the Church.  We often prayed for Jerry.  About a week ago we went to Carolyn B.'s home since we weren't meeting at the Church during the summer. When we started to pray, Jerry called us and asked us to come to his room for our prayer time. 

Carolyn H. and her husband Joe visited with them on Sunday, but on Monday Jerry was taken by ambulance to the hospital with sepsis and pneumonia.  This is a very grave time, and I continue to pray for Carolyn and Jerry.  I am so glad we went to their home last week to pray.  I am so glad he wanted us to pray in his room and share in God's blessing. 

I hope Jerry was blessed by our prayers for him and with him, but I certainly was.
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