Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Going to the Dentist

Cover of "A Visit to the Dentist (Little ...Cover of A Visit to the Dentist (Little Bill)I feel sorry for the dentist and all the other people whose service causes pain and discomfort.  Their intent is good, but their practice is uncomfortable.  I often refer to a visit to the dentist as a session with a man in rubber boots and a tool chest in my mouth. 

Of course it's necessary and preventative.  It will prevent or anticipate worse problems later, but the immediate thought today is AAGGGHH!  My mouth will be three sizes too big for the rest of the day.  I already have an ulcer on my gum, and this is likely to increase the pain there.  He may find all sorts of little problems to pick at.

Sometimes humor helps reduce the anxiety of going to the dentist.  In this case, the only thing I have to laugh at is my own anxiety and misery.  Sometimes that's not as funny to me as it is the those who don't have an appointment.  My kids or my friends are laughing at my terror in the presence of this very nice man who is providing services to me.  It seems so foolish.  It is.  Maybe next week I will laugh.  Today I am dreading it.  Don't expect me to laugh!

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Hannah said...

And the utmost irony...we actually pay to have it done to us!