Friday, July 29, 2011

The Meaning of Words

There are things my mother never told me would thrill me and cause me great wonder and anticipation.  One of them is that I would receive such an absolute thrill from knowing that someone read my words.  I don't have to get paid or published or receive acclaim in the press.  Any indication that my words were read by anyone is highly reinforcing.  They don't even have to like what I said for me to be supremely gratified.

Sometimes I get a whole new take on a subject when someone argues with my ideas.  Sometimes I start a new quest for information when someone brings up an obscure point.  But they read my words!

This whole thing goes back to the importance of words, the power of words.  Words inform, enlighten, enthrall, and mystify us.  Words brings answers to questions and satisfaction to needs.  When the words are placed and shaped into a sentence, I have captured a thought.  The sentence may tell a story or impart great knowledge, but the words came from me.  God created the Universe with a word.  Jesus calmed the storm with a word.  My husband loved me with words.  With words I touch people and share events and create joy.  

The words I hear are powerful too.  The words become an expanding web that encloses and includes people and events and history and art.  I am excited by that vast network of words that relate me to the world.  How can anybody not thrill to the flow and cadence and meaning of words?  What do the words mean?  That is another post!     
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Baglady said...

I agree - it's crazy to think that your words are out there on the internet somewhere and someone from the other side of the planet is reading them and then thinking about them. They're not real, just a bunch of pixels and yet someone is really connecting with them!

Nice writing. Let me know when your fiction piece goes up :)

Hannah said...

How true! Even before blogging I couldn't stop putting words together in my head!

Jayne said...

Gayle- It's quite fascinating, isn't it? We're lucky to be able to so easily get our words out there, on the interwebs, now. We're doubly blessed to have anyone read them. And comment, too!