Sunday, July 4, 2010

Keres and Norman Lear

American TV writer and producer Norman Lear.Image via Wikipedia I just heard an interview with Norman Lear.  I found it facinatiing.  He said a couple of things that really stuck with me.  One was his view of God and how we as humans interact with Him.  He took the position that nobody should tell us what we believe or how we should respond to that.  He was fearful of TV evangelists, but they are not the ones that I fear.  I don't even fear the people who disagree with me.  I fear the ones who don't fear God.  I am truly afraid of people who have no concept of a God who reigns over the activities of mankind.  Their power for destruction and disorder is astounding.  The responsibility to respond to God who holds power and control throughout time and enternity is basic to being human.

He said another thing that impressed me.  He did not rest on the accomplishments he had in the past.  He said life is in "now and next."  I want my life and energy devoted to now and next, not the success or failure of past years or any anticipation of the future after I'm gone.  I want to engage "now" to be able to write and live for myself and for those I can benefit.  I want to use the past to identify how I got here and what the lessons are I can learn from that.  But all the time I want to understand "now" and to be excited about "next."
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