Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thomas Kinkade: A Tribute

I read a news article this morning about the death of painter Thomas Kinkade.  His paintings were not reviewed well by the art critics, but they were highly favored by the people who enjoyed a gentler, brighter view of the world around us.  I was first introduced to his pictures when we attended the art sale at the Brangus cattle show in Kerrville, Texas  in the 1980s and 1990s.  We never had enough money to buy any of the art offered in the sale, but I enjoyed the excitement and the beautiful pictures.

Kinkade's work often included nostalgic renderings of country scenes and people.  His pictures always brought light to the subjects and often there was a religious focus.  He was known as the painter of light.  

I remember thinking that he was probably not going to the get the raves of the critics because he represented the world as better and brighter than the artists that saw the filth and disgust in it.  What do I know--I am certainly no artist.  But my memories and even my prophesies of the future often hold a glimmer of Thomas Kincade's light.  I read about his conversion as a believer in Christ.  Maybe the light he saw was a reflection of heaven or of God's view.  I like to believe that life is better than it looks in the evening news with war and terrorism and disease and death as the only focus.  I want to see joy and birth and hope and light and Thomas Kincade's work helps me see it.  He brings Gods view into focus. 


Hannah said...

I hadn't heard that he had died. I enjoy his paintings very much, it's a sad loss.

Gayle Haynes said...

Me too. He was young too. I have never even bough a picture of his. There won't be any more.