Friday, April 27, 2012

The Ugly American--Still?

The Ugly American was a political novel published in 1958 written by Eugene Burdick and William Lederer and the events it described gave the USA a really bad black eye.  I am not active in the international arena, but it seems to me that the Secret Service and other scandals of this nature would keep the reputation alive for another generation.  Is there any way to change that?  I just write these dumb blogs, but for some reason I have been getting readers from all over the world.  It makes me wonder why?  Am I offending those I'll never meet by my opinions and prattling?

I hope not!  It thrills me to have readers in Russia, and India, and Bangladesh.  Sometimes I get a lot of readers in some location that seems very remote from me, and I can't help but wonder why.  

These readers make me want to learn about the countries and the cultures represented.  Where do they work?  What do they eat? What kind of music do they listen to?  What is their style of worship?  Maybe I'll find out and share my results with the rest of you. At least I'll learn something new. I've thought travel would be out of my budget and now I have an opportunity to research a lot of new places.  Watch for my stuff.  Send comments if I get it wrong.  I don't want to be The Ugly American.  

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