Monday, April 23, 2012

Land of the Scandalous and Home of the Disreputable

It's none of my business, and I wasn't involved, but I still take it personally that the Secret Service is besmirching the name of the United States in Colombia and to the rest of the world.  It's not that we haven't had scandals before, and they have involved sexual subjects and very high profile, government officials, but it still makes me mad.  

Is it fair to hold government officials to a higher standard of behavior than the rest of society?  They are still human beings. They still have emotions and needs and personal lives. They shouldn't be different than the normal tourist and visitor.  At least that's the defense I hear about them.  Hogwash!!! They represent the nation in the national arena.  Besides the fact that they were not fulfilling any responsibilities of their office by having a party with the best hookers in town, they may have provided opportunities for a breech in the president's security.  They also make me feel like there is no one who can be trusted to present an honest, upright, picture of American values and behavior.

Maybe we don't deserve that wholesome and honorable presentation of our character.  Maybe I'm looking at what I would like to believe we are as a nation.  Maybe that is old fashioned and out of date and no longer true, even if it ever was.  It saddens me greatly to think this  could be true.  Is there a way to reclaim it, to teach our society to think about how you behave because it reflects on your nation, I'd very much like to sign up for the class.   

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