Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Future Draws Me Forward

I've discovered that the future pulls me forward.  I used to think that the success or the pleasure I had in the past provoked me to success by my seeking for that same fun or rapture again.  But now I think it is the anticipation of some experience I have never had that draws me into the future and new experiences.

Maybe it's both.  I want to fly kites because I love them, and I have for many years, but the drawing part comes from having a new kite or a new design.  Anticipating some new person to fly with or teach is also a thrill.  Kids, especially, respond to the pull of the wind the first time they feel it.  Wind is ordinary and there is nothing spectacular about a spring breeze.  But when you see the kite grab it and soar heavenward with the tail swaying and popping the first time, it has become magic.  

The magic is just as great the first time you see the kid that holds the kite, and her face lights up, and the kite jumps in the air.  When I feel the tug on the line, my heart jumps, too, and when I see the little kid's face jump with the kite, my heart jumps with hers.

I have to make some kites because my anticipation of this experience is driving me and drawing me a future joy.

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