Monday, April 30, 2012

Russian Christians and American Christians--Unite!

Thousands gathered Sunday outside Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow to pray for the defense of the faith from irreligious and secular social forces.  It's funny that I just thought that sort of pressure was happening in the USA.  For more on the story click here. 

Last Christmas there was a huge protest to the Manger Scene on the Court House lawn from a group in Wisconsin called Freedom from Religion.  Apparently the problems in Russia are similar to the ones we are facing in East Texas.  In Moscow a female rock group entered the Cathedral and performed an obscenity-laced "punk prayer."  The group left when a priest ordered them out.  Henderson County pastors are planning an assembly in the county seat of Athens to make a similar protest to the one in Moscow.  

All of this seems to be directed at the Christian faith.  Our churches and our symbols are under attack from freedom fighters.  The freedom fighters need to wake up--It was the Christians who fought for freedom from slavery, segregation, unjust rule, oppression, and women's rights.  If you really want freedom, the Christians are you allies. 

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