Monday, May 3, 2010

Barefoot Time

Going barefoot was a wonderful time for me when I was young enough to enjoy such childhood pleasures. My mother, however, was strict about appropriate barefoot behavior. When the weather was warm enough to stand it, I was ready to shed the shoes,. however, she considered going barefoot a risk to my health. I think it has been proven by some researcher somewhere that going barefoot does not increase the likelihood of colds, flu, or congestion in the sinuses. My mother insisted that June was soon enough to go barefoot outside. I could not convince her that the fresh grass that grew soft and green in March and April was not a threat to my health. It felt soft enough to be a bed, and she did not say anything negative when I played in it or spun in circles until I fell on the ground with the world spinning. It was only my feet that must be protected from the lush leaves until June 1.

I've been walking in the grass all the way to the mail box for a month now. I hope my mother is not suffering shame at my disobedience. I would like to reassure her that it still feels like spring has finally come.

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