Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Morning

Sunday has a different feel. Sunday is a different kind of day. I look forward to Sunday. It is supposed to be the Day of Rest, but for a long time it was the busiest day of my week. When my kids were little, I got up early to get dinner started before shepherding the whole mob to Sunday school and Church. Sometimes I taught a class. Then we came home and ate dinner. On Sunday afternoon we usually went for a drive or visited someone. In those long gone days we had evening services at Church, too. It was a long day.

This morning I will go to my daughter's church for the early service at 8:30, then to Sunday school at my church and the 11:00 o'clock service where I will sing in the choir. Then I will come home and get my Hebrew lesson online from 1:00p.m to 2:00. Tonight I will take food for a fellowship supper at Barton's Chapel at 6:00 p.m. I guess Sunday is still my busiest day.

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