Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Books You Read

I heard the President say one day that he should be judged by the people that he surounded himself with. I don't agree. Some of the people I surround myself with are absolutely wonderful, but there are those that I deal with who have intentions I don't want accorded to me. I keep remembering that I worked in a prison, and I don't want to be judged by the morals or motives of the people around me.

I would rather be judged by the books I surround my self with. Most of the time when a book does not have ideas or content I want to be associated with, it doesn't stay in my library long. I refer to some books often because I value their wisdom or insight. Some I read over and over because a character is so enchanting. Some I pick up because I haven't read all the poems or I just want to hear them again.

This is something my mother taught me, but it didn't take much effort on her part to impress on me the value of books, especially ones that lead me to dream or inspire or, sometimes, just enjoy.

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