Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Man Shall Leave His Mother and Father

I wonder if the Biblical injunction for a man to leave his mother and father and be joined unto the wife and become one flesh with her is honored in this century. I think my mother believed it. She may have been less interested in becoming one with his family, but she was comfortable with joining with him in this very deep communion. Some people seem to accomplish this joining better than others, or at least to observers it looks like it. Maybe they are more alike to begin with when we see this level of agreement: they were meant for each other. Or maybe one becomes dominant and consumes the other.

I remember and hold onto the idea that my mother and father were the former kind of lovers. Neither lost identity, but both were enriched by their love and marriage. I think they still bless me with their joy in one another. I wonder if they were familiar with Genesis 2:24?

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