Sunday, May 9, 2010

Remember WENN
Remember WENN (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Today is Mother's Day. Suddenly, I can't remember anything my mother ever told me. I do remember the way she looked, and her voice, and her laugh. I remember the last time I ever saw her alive. I guess she knew she would not live to see me grown or graduated or married. She knew she only had these few days, but she didn't want to burden me with that knowledge. She touched my hair and asked about what I had been doing. In those days there was this cloak of mystery about dying--terminal illness or end of life issues were not verbalized. I wish it had been something we could have talked about honestly so that I could have heard her say what she expected of me. I wish I could have told her what I wanted to remember about her. Now those things are lost in mists of memory. I'm glad I have a blog where I can write them down.
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