Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Mother and the Blog

I kinda wonder what my mother would have thought of my blog. She liked writing and reading and was proud of any effort made in that direction. She gave me a diary for my birthday once, but I wasn't very ambitious with it. Maybe she would approve of my efforts. Maybe she would like for me to remember her and find myself still blessed by her.

I don't think I was such a special child. My grandchildren are. But I was very ordinary. Of course my children were spectacular. But in spite of my mother's assessment that I was "superior," I was not really. That was just her looking through the lens of love.

But getting back to my mother and the blog, I think she would like it. Once I had a scrapbook of hers in which he had writer stories of school activities and friends. The stories were wonderful. Somebody threw it away when I wasn't around. I was sick when I realized it was gone, but that's the way things are. Maybe my random ramblings will bless my children someday.

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